Mission to Erase

I have made a rocket ship to break through the
time continuum. I call it The Eraser.

Once I break through the time continuum and talk to the
Master Clockworker, I will ask to go back a few years
or skip a few forward
to where I can reclaim my baby skin
or feel a baby on my skin.

Either way, I will carve through time in
my special rocket ship to where
life is new and I am clean.


    1. I’m not sure if I have a concrete answer to that Paul! I wasn’t thinking about universal human nature when I wrote this. I think some art is so personal and particular that perhaps it speaks to greater trends in human nature, but it has very little to argue a point on. Sometimes art is just so particular that the creator cannot see past the personal ties to the art.
      Having said that, I think that it is a human universal in some way. Even just to be able to start again and shed our skin and our past mistakes – I think humans want to move forward and sometimes our psyches or physical bodies hold us back. But beyond that, I don’t know! (I’m inclined to think about freuds death drive here – an instinct to return to base matter… isn’t that ultimate renewal? – to be a new part of the chemical makeup of the universe?)


      1. I know what you mean about a work being so particular to the artist that the artist cannot easily see any universals in it. I often return after a long absence to one or another poem of mine — a poem I might have thought was merely personal — only to discover that it might be a bit more universal than I’d thought.

        I wonder though, given that all humans are fundamentally similar, much more similar than different, wouldn’t it be a fair assumption to suppose that the truer the work of art is to ourselves, the truer it’s going to be to at least some others?

        I suppose ultimate renewal might indeed be chemical decomposition and re-composition into another arrangement of atoms and molecules. I’ve never thought of that before, though. Thanks!

        Always a pleasure, Adriana.

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