Phone Call

“Do you like my writing?”
“Ya… You are… a very smart girl.”
“Thank you… Well, you are a very smart man.”
“Ha… well, thank you… Though I am not sure about that… now.”
“I am.”
“Oh well then…”
“I’m happy you like my stuff. I want to do more essays, like academic, intellectual essays. I’m not saying I want to change the ideology of the world or anything, but I do want to… contribute… to it.”
“Ya?… well… your words… do that.. itself… ya.”
“Your words… they will do that themselves… and… that’s all you can do.”
“Oh ya… thanks… I told you, you are very smart.”
“haha… ah… ya… thank you, sweetheart.”


  1. I hope you do indeed do more academic, intellectual essays. I love essays like that, especially when they dance with their subjects, rather than plod through them as so many of my own essays do.

    I just found your blog, Adriana, and I’m very much enjoying. Got it bookmarked and I’ll be back!

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    1. Thank you again! I am planning to do a series on gender and feminism starting next week. That is the topic I am obsessing over right now. I am going to go check out your site right now! (look at us finding new blogs!) – Adriana

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