Gender Me (a War)

*contains offensive language*

what is a woman?

a white woman?
a black woman?
what about a half black half white woman?
what about a half thai half cree half man half woman?
Check me from my privilege. i have privilege to check.

But i am a white woman so the world knows i yell with a megaphone skywriter i scream fuck the patriarchy, don’t you know?
the nuances in me are there to confuse me, to make me think i am special, that i can speak complexly about complex things but we all know i am just trying to get power from men, everyone just wants power and money so they can hate on men buy plaid hate men

i am an angry white woman with it out for men who wants to claim that we were born androgynous babies and the patriarchy fucked it up it fucked us all up i was taught to be shrill bitch, can’t you see that and all men are rapists and all women will be sexually assaulted and we should always believe women with no question and men cannot be raped I’m a feminazi, a man-hating hypercritical slut who manipulates men so that they can never speak they don’t want to speak they just want to yell and it’s all my fault cause if feminism was for gender equality i would talk equally as much about men right? if i was really for gender equality i would force the equality down my throat, count the minutes i talk about women and start the egg timer when it’s time to talk about men right?

normalcy doesn’t exist but it has to exist i have to exist i have a right to exist right?

this is what a gender war looks like when we make love to a binary singing baby let’s make a binary baby only a

zero one one zero one zero zero zero zero one one one zero one zero one zero one one zero one one zero one zero one one zero zero zero zero one zero one one zero one one one zero

what does it mean then to not be a man or a woman?
to be a half man half woman all human?
to be a nothing human, an everything human?
to be a non-binary human?

what does it mean to be human?

what does it mean?


Photo by Mario Terzoli



  1. This is so powerfully written! There are, of course, misandrists in the feminist movement, just as there are some village idiots in every movement. I think most of them might be “trendy” people, dilettantes, who seek to create meaning for themselves by taking up a cause and then competing with other dilettantes to see who can push it the furthest. But some are like Andrea Dworkin, who was abused and reacted quite unintelligently to the abuse. At least that’s my opinion.

    I agree with you that we’re all human first and foremost. I personally think men and women are 95% alike, but tend so often to focus on the 5% differences than on the commonalities.


    1. Hey! Honestly, I don’t know much about Andrea Dworkin. She is on my reading list. I really try not to comment on what I have not engaged intellectually with. I can’t wait to read her and understand her – she is such a controversial figure in and outside of feminism!
      I am critical of feminism for many different reasons which I won’t get into here. Regardless of labels, I advocate for gender equality. I really think a lot of this begins with a real rethinking of the gender binary and the capitalist system that historically favours the rich property owners (ie: rich white men). However, having said that, times are different now. Now ANYONE can participate in the oppression of others (as long as they have enough money to compete in the business!).
      All sarcasm aside, gender issues are problematic. We are not “over” inequality. We are not “over” the power dynamic between the sexes. I think a big root issue is that we are wedded to a conceptualisation of ourselves and others as solely male or female. How limiting. I have never met a normal woman or a normal man. Yet we try our utmost to be “real (ie: normalised & abstracted from reality)” men and women. While we have seen amazing progress in redefining womanhood, I haven’t seen the same “glass ceiling breaking” for men. Or for the great number of people who do not fit into those gender categories. There’s a lot of glass we need to break.


  2. Adriana, it seems to me on the face of it that you and I bark up the same tree when it comes to feminism, gender issues, and the patriarchy. I’m so interested in what you will be posting starting as soon as next week on those subjects.

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