The Rainy Month of Julie

I wrote this poem in the winter of 2015. It was inspired by Kevin Olusola’s performance of Julie-O by Mark Summer.

Lights up rain-soaked sidewalks
Melting tears with a paint brush
Holds every inch of my skin
Highlighting freckles and frown lines in gold
Is the sunshine that I can’t quite feel
In my waking moments
Because it is only in my mind that
Is as brilliant, as warm
As hot lazy days
As justifiably bittersweet as summer rain
In July
Is caught short
Stunted by a simple 31 days because
Makes me forget about summer stickiness and sweat
Makes me fall in love with the way eyes blink and mouths twitch
And the shiny wet glaze on the bridge of sun-stroked noses
Makes me stop
And invite thunderstorms to picnics as dates
The reigning paragon of the imperfect
Joy as the underdog to the chaotic unplanned
Catches me in a web spun of sleeping moments
Of thoughts as light as ashes
That feather away in the daylight
And even though her smile is brief
Is too bright for 31 days
Because there are more than 31 things that make her too beautiful
Too like heaven
To ever be confined to blossom in a man-made schedule of months
Dances on water
Sprinkles on dew
Burns through closed eyelids
Her life a hot shimmering star
Shows me my true form at sunset
My honest silhouette
Because there is nothing too dark
Too opaque
That does not glow truer to its content when
Is present
Is the path ahead of cracked and swollen feet
Is the light that x-rays skeletal leaves
Is yellow and
Is my sun
On warm rainy days

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